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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Updates on Baka and Sou

We are still working on things, albeit slowly with lots of real-life work going on.  We could use a translator for side-projects, if anyone wants to hop on, and an editor who can do redraws for Baka - that would help greatly increase the speed at which we can release!

Either way, we have a new translator for Sou, so we will be getting a chapter of that soon, as well as a chapter of Baka - expect it in the next month!  Slow, but that's how we roll.  We are a tree, after all.


  1. the wait only makes it sweeter :p

    thanks for your continued efforts!

  2. Acriman will be back in action on Sunday, so my best guess as to a release will be next Tuesday or Wednesday :)