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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Lovely loyal followrs of Tree Scans, I bring you news.

The current plan is this.  There will be 1 release of Baka to Boin in December (and more, if you're lucky - but 1 guaranteed to happen).  On top of that, there will be at least 8 chapters of release for our christmas/new years release (series to be determined).


In other news, picking up Dynamite Beauty!!

Much love <3

Monday, November 14, 2011

Baka to Boin ch29!!!!

Yes, it's a release!!  At long last!!


Enjoy!  And look forward to more soon!  As well as the rest of Yotsunoha (all at once!) and the last - and only unscanlated - volume of Vulgar Ghost Daydream.  After all that, back to our original manga, Soutennenshoku Otomegumi!

So much going on.  Either way, we're back.  And we love all of you kindly anons who've stuck with us through our inactive period <3

Much love,
Kit~ <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I have topaz!

Therefore; Baka "soon" (by our standards)

EDIT:  And by "our standards" I mean, within a week, legit this time no lies! :D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This lack of work has been killing me as much as it's been killing you guys. I've had photoshop for a while now, but no cleans or translations. But soon (read: within the next week or so), we'll have some releases.

Kit needs a denoise tool for photoshop so he can properly clean some Baka, which he can't get, due to silly Uni anti-piracy/torrenting bull$#!*. As soon as Kit gets that tool, chapters will start to be pumped out again.

Our translator is currently working on an entire volume (-1 chapter), which should be done some time in the next week. Easy to clean, easy to typeset, probably going to be our first release.

Once Yotsunoha is back underway, we'll start putting out more Sou. Trust me, this is one of my favorites, I'll push the project singlehandedly if I have to. We should have Sou going at a rate of 1 ch/week.

A different translator is also working on Vulgar Ghost Daydream, which is quick to clean.

That's all for now. We could really use an editor who knows how to do redraws, so if you're interested in the position, please leave a comment!



Anyone who can find me a good working file for Topaz Denoise 3 (or above), and can dropbox it to me (slented@gmail.com), you'll be my hero and win 1 internet  ~  Also this won't be an issue after v03, because the next volumes have been scanned in high quality ~~