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Monday, March 21, 2011

Baka to Boin ch26, Updates

First off, welcome Spartacus to the team!  He's gonna be translating Baka to Boin from here on out!

On that note, expect faster releases - for the meantime, at least.  We're still looking for an experienced editor!  Post here, or email me (slented@gmail.com) if interested.

Baka is probably next, and more Sou as well.

Also, a v2 of Yotsunoha ch1.


Baka to Boin ch26
Yotsunoha ch1_v2


Thanks to acriman, who found the post of some kindly anon, we now know the name of the girl in our Baka credits page!  Her name is:  木口亞矢 or Aya Kiguchi


  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. Who is the girl in your end credit picture?

  3. More Baka to Boin is always appreciated (and I hope to see more Yotsunoha soon too)!

  4. The girl in the back credit page. who is she?

  5. Thanks to a kindly anon who commented on chapter 25 of Baka To Boin, we do have a name for our credit page girl!

    木口亞矢 or Aya Kiguchi

  6. Awesome manga! I'm looking forward for every series coming out!

  7. you guys got lucky the filname wasn't changed. I checked out tineye and it doesn't search images by content, only by name :(

    great work with baka, look forward to more great chapters, and get better soon!